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Wood Finish


A range of fast drying, superior, spray applied wood coatings with excellent flow and appearance 􏰌􏰀􏰀􏰅􏰌􏰂􏰌􏰕􏰘􏰅characteristics.

Available in clear and tinted primers plus a range of topcoats designed to meet all your wood finishing requirements.

Before using these acid catalysed lacquers, add 4% woodlac catalyst and if necessary 􏰌􏰗􏰝􏰁􏰄􏰎adjust with lacquers thinners to a spraying viscosity of 18-22 seconds (Ford cup No. 4). They offer superior hiding and better adhesion to difficult surfaces.􏰄􏰁􏰂􏰐􏰌􏰘􏰅􏰄􏰖 These coatings also offer better blocking and better resistance once cured.


A range of single pack cellulose 􏰍􏰌􏰘􏰋􏰁􏰅􏰂􏰄lacquers that are fast drying. Available in clear and pigmented primers plus a complimentary range of topcoats.


Woodlac range of woodstains are based on superior quality dyes that exhibit good light fastness properties. They are transparent and fast drying with excellent penetration into the timber. Stains are also available as matching stains.


Superior non-yellowing character- istics and low formaldehyde.

Suitable for use on solid wood, veneered, chipboard and MDF boards as well.


  • Available in standard colours.
  • Excellent penetration
  • Eliminates wastage
  • 2-3 square meters per can􏰤 􏰥􏰞􏰦 􏰄􏰋􏰁􏰌􏰂􏰅 􏰔􏰅􏰎􏰂􏰅􏰄 􏰀􏰅􏰂
Available Sizes

200L, 25L, 5L