Base Coat
October 6, 2020
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2K Autocryl


Mix with hardeners – fast, medium or slow depending on the temperature and weather conditions on the ration. Two parts paint to one part hardener by volume.

Thin with 2K thinner to a viscosity of 15 to 20 seconds. Ford no. 4 cup at 25oc. Use approximately 15 to 20% of thinner to obtain the correct viscosity.

Apply between 400-500PA pressure at the gun. For non- metallics apply 2-3 single coats with 5 minutes flash-off time between coats.

Bake for 30 minutes at 60°c (if air drying, surface will be dust-free within 60 minutes and will be hard-dry overnight.)

MS Primer
Four part paint to one part hardender by volume.

Available Sizes

1L, 200L, 25L, 5L

Available Colours

Black, Blue Toner, Bright Red, Brilliant Red, Clean Blue, Clear, Fast Red Toner, Green Toner, Jet Black, Lemon Chrome, Maroon Toner, Matting Base, Medium Silver, Mid Blue, Mid Chrome, P.O. Red, Pink Toner, Red Oxide, Red Voilet, Reddish Blue, Scarlet Chrome, Tinting Black, Violet, White, Yellow Green, Yellow Oxide